The Fund

We make direct investments in drug assets

Focused Investing

Direct Investment in Drug Assets
Pharma Capital Partners combines the financial structure and investment tools of a private equity firm with the expertise and capabilities of an experienced drug development company. We create value for our investors by making direct investments in preclinical and early clinical-stage therapeutics and work with entrepreneurs to advance those assets through proof-of-concept.

Smarter Investing

Through Early De-risking
Higher investment returns result from a better understanding of development risk. Early in the investment cycle, we apply a spectrum of unique de-risking strategies and technologies to optimize our investments in drug assets. This leads to smarter drug development -- allowing us to avoid costly late-stage failures -- and, consequently, smarter investing.

Alternative Investing

Independent of Economic Cycles
For global investors, the Fund represents an alternative investment vehicle that provides an attractive diversification option. With a focus on advancing our investments through proof-of-concept, the Fund’s returns are driven by the ever-increasing demand from pharmaceutical companies for innovative and commercially attractive products in areas of high unmet medical need. As such, the Fund’s economics are largely independent of the state of global financial markets or economic cycles.

The right people, pursuing the right ideas, powered by the right investment vehicle