Investment Strategy

Creating value through innovation

We Invest Early

Acquiring Drug Assets, Not Companies
We source, partner and finance drug assets in the early stages of preclinical and clinical development, and assume, together with our partner companies, full responsibility for value creation by advancing the assets through further development to proof-of-concept and exit. We have expertise in small molecules, biologics, as well as cell and gene therapies across most therapeutic areas. We are hands-on investors, and source and operate our investments globally. Investing early combined with our de-risking capabilities creates an opportunity for superior investment returns.

We Are Capital Efficient

Superior investment returns
We are a private equity fund developing a diversified, risk-adjusted portfolio of novel drug assets. We bring integral drug development expertise, capital and operational efficiencies to each of our investments. Our private equity fund structure represents the most viable and scalable approach to financing our drug development efforts and to attaining superior returns on investment.

We Build Partnerships

Seeking innovators
We partner with the innovators of promising early-stage assets. Applying our financial resources and drug development expertise, we work alongside our partners to rapidly advance their products through development cycles using creative, proven financial and program structures. Together, we seek to build significant value around the asset opportunity and share equitably in the success of our endeavors.

The right people, pursuing the right ideas, powered by the right investment vehicle